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We recommend using the screen door when burning a wood fire to protect your home from stray embers and sparks. Our screen doors are custom made, and designed to seamlessly integrate with the Adobelite Kiva Fireplace system. The screen door “snap” locks into the ball catch / door frame that is provided with each Kiva Fireplace Kit, to securely protect against any logs falling out of the fireplace when in use. Features:
Available for 18”- 24”- 30” kiva models Hand riveted steel frame Custom door handle hardware Small firescreen to trap sparks Securely locks into Adobelite door frame
24” and 30” Screen Door Style
18” Screen Door Style
Tempered glass doors are available for our gas log burning fireplaces, and ceramic glass doors are available for wood burning kivas. Ceramic glass also allows more heat to pass from the fire into the room, so they can be used with gas burning fireplaces when more heat output is desired. Features:
Available for 18”- 24”- 30” kiva models Hand forged steel frame Available in tempered or ceramic glass Stove gasket to seal against door frame Securely locks into Adobelite door frame
24” and 30” Glass Door Style
18” Glass Door Style
Our frame options our constructed of the same materials as the frame/fascade of the fireplace kit and are designed to install easily into the frame for a customized look.
Side Wall Banco 15-3/4” tall x 15-3/4” deep and lengths of 2’ -10’    (installed picture)
Wood Storage Bin
Nichos (Box of 2) 12”w x12”h x 5” deep     (installed picture)
Wood Storage Bin 24”w x 12”h x 16” deep    (installed picture)
Side Wall Banco
Two custom wood log grates are designed to perfectly compliment our kiva fireplaces.
Kiva Wood Grate
Commercial Grate
Kiva Wood Grate Commercial Log Grate
Constructed of 1/2” square steel, our Kiva Wood Grate allows wood logs to be stacked vertically in the firebox, in true kiva fashion.
Our heavy duty log grate is perfect for commercial applications or for enthusiastic fire builders. Logs can be placed vertical or horizontal . Made of 1/2”x3/4” steel and weighs 70 lbs.
The Gas Conversion System is used to convert our wood burning kiva fireplaces to a natural gas or liquid propane ceramic gas logset. The kit includes a manually operated safety pilot valve which allows the flame height to be adjusted.
Kiva Burn Pan / Valve
5-pc Ceramic Logset
Available for 18”- 24”- 30” kiva models Patented round kiva burn pan Manually operated safety pilot valve 5-pc ceramic kiva logset Includes glowing embers, lava rock, and gas fittings
Installation Manual Adobelite Gas Conversion Manual
The Log Lighter attaches to a 1/2” gas supply plumbed into the side of the firebox. A long handled lighter is used to light the Log Lighter, which is used to start the wood burning. Once the wood is burning the Log Lighter is turned off.
Log Lighter
Available for 18”- 24”- 30” kiva models Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Includes keyed wall shutoff valve